Olly 75mm 1.8 What's Going On Here?


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Sep 7, 2013
Christchurch, New Zealand
Found the issue - it was the manual CA correction tool!

Defringe has Purple Amount set to 4, and her lipstick and gum colour falls within the default Purple Hue range sliders. As a result, up to 4 pixels around her lip and gums got desaturated.

A couple of options for fixing:
  • If the defringe correction is a mistake, just turn it down to 0.
  • If the defringe is required elsewhere in the image somewhere, try and shift the Purple Hue range slider away from red until her lips and gums look normal.
  • If that ruins the required defringe elsewhere, keep the original defringe, but apply an adjustment brush to her mouth area with a -100% defringe to cancel the effect.
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Matt Drown

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Dec 9, 2015
California, USA
Is that all there is and ever will be in a RAW? Some manufacturer specific data may get dropped in the process.
Happy to move this to another post, instead of cluttering this one. But that's not all that stored in DNG files. It keeps additional information. If you want to play devil's advocate I'm sure it can't decode 100% of all raw file data, but in cases like this the processing difference is what shows up. There was a previous thread with similar issues that were based on default settings in processing from Adobe products with noise reduction that the olympus processing didn't do by default. (in the specific case it caused a bunny to have different colored ears)

The DNG file is functionally equivalent to the RAW. Even more so if you are loading the ORF into an adobe product. :) The "default adobe treatment" to convert a raw/dng image to display on your screen is going to be potentially different than each manufacturers, they have different views of color science, default noise reduction/sharpening, etc.

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